Ep. 14 Generation Z for Zeal Soup

Episode 14 October 28, 2018 00:59:45
Ep. 14  Generation Z for Zeal Soup
Peace, Love & Soup
Ep. 14 Generation Z for Zeal Soup

Oct 28 2018 | 00:59:45


Hosted By

Brian Delaney Tavé Fascé Drake

Show Notes

Summer 2018  – and we spent it getting to know Generation Z —
with all that brightness and energy, we focus on the youth of today in all their glorious complexity.

They’re poets and musicians, activists and free thinkers, fun loving and kind, and frankly … full of zeal!

Join us for a lively round table discussion with four recently graduated high school students — Mila, Oggie, Sebastian  and Avery.

Special thanks to Avery and his band ATLESS  for providing the music for this show.  Be sure and check him out at  https://atlessband.bandcamp.com

The adventure continues as we document Verslandia  – Portland’s annual grand slam poetry event in which slam poet winners from a variety of high schools go head to head in a night of poetic glory.

We have an exclusive interview with one of the poets Tave’s very own daughter Lucinda Drake.

Our DYK segment features the benefits of probiotic drinks, which in-turn inspired us to assemble an original chilled health concoction consisting of homemade pickled vegetables, apple cider vinegars and a sparkling rejuvelac broth.

Surprises await!

Ready to feel rejuvenated, inspired and entertained !

We give you “Generation Z for Zeal Soup”

Send it!

Brian & Tavé


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