Ep. 21 Peace, Love & Soup – In the Time of Covid, Batch 2: Acclimation

Ep. 21 Peace, Love & Soup – In the Time of Covid, Batch 2: Acclimation

Peace, Love & Soup
Peace, Love & Soup
Ep. 21 Peace, Love & Soup - In the Time of Covid, Batch 2: Acclimation
Winter 2022 – We dedicate this episode to those lost in recent years, especially Uncle George and Steve Buchert. We carry their memories with us!
As the pandemic continues to evolve, our 2nd Covid episode goes beyond the initial fear of the unknown and focuses instead on adjusting and moving forward in life❣️

Brian makes Italian Wedding Soup with Aunt Bridget Delaney Massana
We get health advice from Integrative Dietician Esther Blum while dishing about bone broth and Bar Mitzvahs with her son Ben
Guest corespondent Nathan Wilk shares with us a plethora of youth perspectives on re-acclimating during these changing times
Jolly Wrapper performs a slam poem he wrote during the height of Portland’s social uprisings
The new album I Am Happy Now (It’s Not How I Remember) by Annie’s Friend, AKA Lucinda Drake, is our soundtrack
Speaking of which, Tavé checks in with the 2 Gen-Zers closest to her heart – daughters Osanna & Lucinda – to discuss social, emotional & environmental health
All in this episode we call:
Peace, Love & Soup – In The Time of Covid, Batch II: Acclimation
Get Acclimated❣️
Brian & Tavé

4 comments on Ep. 21 Peace, Love & Soup – In the Time of Covid, Batch 2: Acclimation

  1. Kathy says:

    I happened upon your podcast last Friday 3/8 on KBOO. It was a beautiful sunny day and every single bit of your show DELIGHTED me. Despite the blue skies above, I had awakened that morning feeling heaviness and dread about all the heart breaking happenings in the world. On impulse, after taking in a further sobering dose of NPR news, I switched the channel over to KBOO and picked up your show just as Esther Blum was sharing her bone broth recipe. Everything that followed Esther’s piece lifted me up and restored my spirit. I am now a Peace, LOVE, and Soup devotee and am sharing this podcast around with friends everywhere. From my heart, I bow to you both and to all who contribute to your treasure chest of a broadcast. 💖

    1. Thank you Kathy for listening and for taking the time to send along such kind words of praise! A very warm welcome to our Peace, Love & Soup family!

      Brian & Tavé

  2. Jen says:

    I LOVELOVELOVED this episode!!!!! What wonderful and inspiring conversations. I wanted to hug Ben and the girls. They were all so eloquent and insightful.. Wise beyond their years. Hearing them left me feeling insanely hopeful that their generation will make a difference. And, I sooooooo totally related to Brian’s Aunt as she laid out the physical recipe as well as the intangible ingredients – friends, family, people, heritage.. just like gumbo! As always, Brian & Tave have crafted a lovely and poignant peek inside the hearts of these beautiful strangers. And the little reminders at the end… Good Stuff. We all could benefit from that simple advice. Thanks, PL&S!!

    1. Thank you Jen for posting your thoughts, feelings & the specific elements that drew you into this episode. Like “cooks” sharing a big pot of “soup” we take immense pleasure knowing others enjoy the fruits of our labor. We’re honored to have repeat listeners like you join us around the table for Peace, Love & Soup (PL&S)!!

      Brian & Tavé

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