Chilled Pickled Vegetables in an Effervescent Rejuvelac

Chilled Pickled Vegetables in an Effervescent Rejuvelac

Peace, Love & Soup
Peace, Love & Soup
Chilled Pickled Vegetables in an Effervescent Rejuvelac

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A refreshingly tangy, no-cook soup, bubbling with farmers’ market cabbage, carrots, beets & zucchini, suspended in homemade sipping vinegar and rejuvelac broth.




Chilled Pickled Vegetables in an Effervescent Rejuvalec

Rejuvelac Ingredients:

6 cups cabbage shredded or finely chopped (any color)
4-6 cups non chlorinated water (filtered or left out 24 hours)

other needs:
1 half gallon canning jar
1 lid plastic wrap if lid isn’t tight sealing

Rejuvelac Procedure:

Place cabbage in the canning jar. Pour water over cabbage to cover, stopping before you reach the neck of the jar. Seal with a tight lid and place on the counter. If your lid is wonky or doesn’t seal tightly, place plastic wrap over the mouth of the jar then screw the lid tight to prevent any of the liquid from bubbling out as it ferments. Let this sealed jar sit on the counter at room temperature for 3 days. After that, open and strain out the effervescent rejuvelac (slightly sparkling dairy and gluten free probiotic water) and you have a bubbly drink or non cook soup base!

Refrigerate the cabbage for other uses – salads or chilled soup. Rejuvelac is great for good gut health right away or refrigerate for later use in chilled soups or beverages.

For subsequent batches, reserve a half cup of the rejuvelac liquid as as starter, then follow the procedure above adding the rejuvelac to the cabbage in the jar before filling the rest of the way with water. Now the mixture only needs to sit out for 24 hours on the counter. 

Cider Vinegar Ingredients:

1 apple cider mother (similar to a kombucha SCOBY but specifically for cider. *SCOBY means symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast – The good kinds!)
6-7 cups apple juice

Other needs:
half gallon canning jar
clean thin cloth – like kerchief or t-shirt – or paper towel
rubber band 

Cider Vinegar Procedure:

Get an apple cider vinegar mother from a friend… or look on Craig’s list or check in with your local neighborhood app.Place the cider mother (similar to a SCOBY) in a clean canning jar or ceramic crock. Cover with apple juice or apple cider… stop before you reach the lip of the container because this is going to bubble up. Cover with a tea towel or paper town and rubber band it down so that flies can’t get in, but so the cider can breathe. Leave on the counter for 3 to 7 days until you like how the cider tastes… 

*The longer it sets out the more vinegary and less sweet it will be. Pour into a highly sealing container and leave out for a day if you want it to carbonate. Then promptly refrigerate or it may explode in hot weather from the pressure of the carbonation. 

Raw Pickled Cider Vegetables & Sipping/Souping Vinegar Ingredients:

4 cups apple cider vinegar per vegetable
1 cup each chopped vegetables per jar
-mushrooms sliced
-mixed field greens and kale
-carrots shredded and Italian parsley chopped
-small cauliflower florets or chopped cauliflower (white, purple, even romanesco) or any variety or combination of vegetables.

Other needs:
quart canning jars
lids that seal tight or plastic wrap and wonky sealing lids 

Raw Pickled Vegetable Procedure:

Place 1 cup chopped vegetables in a canning jar and cover with already made cider vinegar. Seal tightly and leave out on counter for 2 days. Then, eat or refrigerate until ready to use. Uncover and drink the newly infused sipping vinegar and eat the vegetables or place either/both into salads, dressings, and/or into the chilled soup to taste. Refrigerate any leftovers.

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