Ep. 10 A Soup for the Spirits

Episode 10 October 19, 2017 00:58:25
Ep. 10  A Soup for the Spirits
Peace, Love & Soup
Ep. 10 A Soup for the Spirits

Oct 19 2017 | 00:58:25


Hosted By

Brian Delaney Tavé Fascé Drake

Show Notes

Oct. 2017 – Bienvenidos… A Paz, Amor Y Sopa!!!

We will be celebrating Dia de Los Muertos a little early, with heartfelt personal stories about departed loved ones written and read by these devoted listeners:

You Liked My Dead Dog (It Helped)   by  BLAIR FELL

New Normal   by  CINDY SPADE
A Eulogy for Shirley B    by  DAVID CIMINELLO

This Scourge   by  LARRY DEAL

Love, Light & Bubbles   by  MICHELE BRIEN
Bringing Dad Home   by  NANCY KISSAM
What I Remember About Mom   by  PATSY KULLBERG
Herbie’s Hunger Strike for Peace   by  RACHEL SIEGEL

We are in the kitchen twice this month!
First, for the soup, we will be visting Serranos Taqueria in SE Portland to eat Caldo De Res and habla con Co-Owner & Chef: DORIS SERRANO
Serranos Taqueria on Facebook

And then again, for the return of …. Baker Dan!  Where he’ll be making:
Pan de Muerto — Bread of the Dead!

Las Musica this episode is provided by the talented local trio of SAVILA.
SAVILA on Bandcamp

Build your alter!   Grab your hankies!   Pre-heat your oven!


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