Ep. 5 Mother's Soup

Episode 5 May 25, 2017 00:58:46
Ep. 5  Mother's Soup
Peace, Love & Soup
Ep. 5 Mother's Soup

May 25 2017 | 00:58:46


Hosted By

Brian Delaney Tavé Fascé Drake

Show Notes

May 2017 – On this super moon we are serving up a souper extended episode, featuring the stories of super mothers of all kinds, including:

Alex Behr, a Portland mother & writer who adopted her son, Eli, from China.

http://alexbehr.com and @Alex_Behr on twitter

Robyn Twomey, a Brooklyn mother & photographer that recently gave birth to her 2nd child. http://www.robyntwomey.com

Dolores Delaney, a Boston mother and grandmother, reflects on her life having survived bringing up 4 boys!  (including our very own co-host Brian)

Huggy aka Janice Evalin Johnson, a West Coast single grandmother and mom (to our other co-host Tave) shares what it was like bucking the system as a young creative woman in the 60s and 70s.

Tave gets a peace, love and PLUS travel talk in with her brother, Niko Bono (afterthought… he was adopted) @travelsofbeauty on Instagram

We’ve sprinkled in some music to dish, dine and (if you’re feeling it) dance to, too! Featuring:

“Mars” by The Double U, “Seven Nation Army” by The Mt Tabor Middle School Band, “I Wanna Be Your Lover” by Fenech Soler, “Take Your Momma Out Tonight” by Scissor Sisters, “Does Your Mother Know” by ABBA and “Chicken Noddle Soup” by DJ Webstar performed by Young B & The Voice of Harlem

and in the kitchen this month we’ll be making the “Mother of All Soups”…


A Toast To All Mothers Everywhere!

Peace, Love and (of course) Soup,

Brian & Tavé

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